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Fraud claims on behalf of insurers

Fraudulent claims are a difficult and ever increasing challenge facing the insurance and corporate world.  As we act for some of the largest insurers and claims handling agents in Australia, an important part of our business is to advise, investigate and litigate matters suspected of being fraudulent.

We know the “tell tale” signs of a fraudulent claim, the people and scenarios involved and are on top of emerging trends. In collaboration with our clients, we develop and implement strategies to identify and combat such claims. These include:

  • Creating risk guidelines and fraud indicators;
  • Adopting strategic pre-litigation communications with potential fraudulent claimants;
  • Targeted evidence gathering;
  • Engaging appropriate forensic experts and investigators;
  • Assisting in building relationships with the police and government bodies;
  • Regular training for claims handlers;
  • Effective use of interlocutory litigation procedures and subpoenas.


Some examples of matters handled by our fraud claims team include:

  • House fires requiring extensive forensic and claims history investigations,
  • Motor vehicle staged accidents which require detailed damage profile expert evidence,
  • Claims involving drugs or alcohol which require detailed knowledge of legislative exclusions and the presentation of the requisite chain of evidence to deny cover,
  • Claims involving the alleged thefts of motor vehicles and property,
  • “Re-birthing” of stolen vehicles and fraudulent misrepresentations in taking out insurance cover.


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