About Us


An approach which gets results

At Ligeti Partners, we manage all legal disputes proactively and cost effectively.  We aim to resolve matters at the earliest possible opportunity. We do not wait for things to happen or let other parties dictate the process.

Our approach is transparent, fair and competitive. We always evaluate whether we have delivered value for money and if not, we reduce our fee to achieve fairness relative to the issues involved in any claim. 

We quickly determine the core issues based on the evidence and then make clear recommendations. We communicate simply and effectively, using plain English.

We work with our clients as a team to agree on a strategy tailored to the claim or dispute and then we proactively pursue it.

We do not promote adversarial dispute resolution. This is costly to the client and is often counter productive. We have found that developing respectful relationships with opposing firms promotes smoother and earlier resolution of matters.

We are never complacent and we regularly monitor our performance. We always aim to exceed the performance standards our clients set for us.

Our practice base means that our lawyers are truly specialists. Our systems and processes have been developed around our clients’ businesses.  We are focused, efficient and effective in securing the best possible result in every matter we handle.