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Defence of prosecutions by statutory authorities

We are regularly instructed by clients to defend prosecutions by statutory authorities. This requires a detailed knowledge of all applicable legislation, significant pragmatism to enable proactive liaison with the statutory authorities and a clearly defined dispute resolution/litigation strategy underpinned by the end objective of achieving a resolution satisfactory to our clients which includes the avoidance of any adverse publicity. 

Some examples of matters handled by Ligeti Partners include:

  • We acted for a national supermarket chain prosecuted by a local Council pursuant to the Food Act. An appropriate dispute resolution strategy resulted in the informant withdrawing all charges, the Court imposing a minor fine without conviction and there being no publicity adversely affecting our client’s reputation. 
  • Dispute between our client and Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV) involving the Trade Measurements Act. CAV alleged our client was selling underweight products as a result of defective scales. The matter was resolved without prosecution as a result of proactively arranging a conference at which all matters could be discussed and resolved. The client was concerned about potential adverse publicity. There was none. 
  • Application by the ACCC against a national retailer resulting from the importation of productions which were allegedly unsafe. 
  • Prosecutions under the Tobacco Act


Our Defence of Proseuctions by Statutory Authorities team:

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