David Cooper


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David Cooper

Chief Information Officer


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David Cooper is the Chief Information Officer for Ligeti Partners and brings a wealth of expertise, with over 20 years of experience in information technology. His career spans across world-leading companies, where he has led IT strategy, executive leadership, digital transformation, and IT management. David’s role is pivotal in aligning technology initiatives with strategic business goals, ensuring that IT acts as a central driver of innovation and growth.

With a solid background in both the technical and strategic facets of IT, David has been instrumental in driving significant operational improvements and fostering agile work environments. His leadership has consistently resulted in enhanced delivery speeds for technology initiatives, streamlined IT operations, and the successful implementation of customer-centric solutions. This has not only improved customer experiences but also ensured that technology serves as a key enabler for business transformation.

David’s approach to IT leadership is marked by his ability to navigate complex business challenges, leveraging emerging technologies to achieve strategic objectives.